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We hope that you will find all pages of our website: interesting, up to date, and enjoyable. Feel free to contact us or leave a comment at any time. We love to stay in touch with people who adore Standard Poodles as much as we do. 

For those who are not familiar with the Standard Poodle attributes, we have listed below just a few of them:

  • Hypoallergenic - They do not shed and easily take a bath, hence do not release skin and hair allergens in its surroundings.        
  • Social Butterflies - When socialized properly from the early age, Standard Poodles will joyfully keep on playing just about with everyone: babies, kids, adults, and elderly. Standard Poodles come, right from the birth, with such a friendly attitude. All we need to do is keep them social ... which they will appreciate and enjoy wholeheartedly.   
  • Intelligent - They are as smart as a dog can be. You can easily train them for just about anything. If you go to the circus, the chances are you'll see Standard Poodles showing tricks in the arena. I real life, they will pick up on new commands in a matter of minutes. Standard Poodles are considered the second smartest breed in the world, just a hair behind the highly energetic Border Collies ... while ahead of over 300 other breeds.     
  • Silent Communicators - Standard Poodles find their way to communicate with people in many different ways. Most often, they will give you a hint like sitting in front of the backyard door when wanting to go to the washroom ...  or simply ring a cow bell hanging on the door knob. Other times they will give you a meaningful stare, bring a toy, or just gently snuggle next to you. 
  • Low Maintenance - Contrary to what people think, poodles are very easy for maintenance. We are not talking about the show dogs with fancy hairstyles. Grooming show dogs is quite demanding regardless of the breed. We are talking here about clips that look so nice yet easy to maintain, like German Cut for example. Those kinds of hairstyle  anybody can easily do on its own once-a-month.
  • Moderate Activity - Beyond the first few months, when all puppies regardless of the breed are such a playful cuties, Standard Poodles do not require vigorous exercises typical for working breeds like shepherds, terriers, hounds, or guard dogs. They will be quite happy with a couple of casual walks around the block, and one "walk of a day" to the near by park to play fetch.      
  • Perfect Size - Standard Poodles are around 58 cm (23") high and weigh about 22 kg (45-55 pounds). Being such a convenient size is helpful in not getting scared thus they are not considered to be barkers too. They are such an elegant creatures. You will rarely see an overweight poodle because they simply stop eating when they are full. Wish we can learn that trick from them :)