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We have a litter of blue (dark gray) Standard Poodles born on the Canada Day 2022. At wee-hours between 1:30 AM and 4:30 AM Masha gave birth to 9 beautiful and healthy puppies: 5 girls and 4 boys. Since all of them came out within 3 hours only it had been a  buzzy "battlefield" for all of us. Although it was her first (and only) litter, Masha showed up with a strong mother instinct doing everything like she had given birth many times before. All of the puppies quickly got aspirated, examined, weighed, tagged with the unique-color collar, and placed on Masha's nipples to suck the colostrum milk that is of ultimate importance. Heated whelping pan ensured that puppies temperature got kept at the optimal level. Within a day, all 12 of us got used to the routine: sleep, eat, repeat.            


 Fast forward ...: opening eyes and ears; crawling out of the whelping box; learning potty in designated area layered with training pads; nursing with Esbilac puppy milk for the enhanced nourishment; neurologically trained; dewormed 3 times; getting puppies used to chew various toys (rather than furniture); introducing "outdoors": lawn in front of the house and rocky backyard; gradually introducing solid food (Orijen Puppy kibbles); giving them bath, trimming their nails; grooming muzzle, paws and behind; temperament tested; taking them to the vet for checkup; giving them 1st vaccine. And there we go - puppies are: happy, healthy, cuddly and ready to become your new family members.


Here is a short introduction to our puppies with emphasis on theirs personalities. We have been spending with them 24/7 time together for the past couple of months and had a pleasure to get familiar with them closely. We gave names to puppies in aim to complete CKC registration and get their 4-generation pedigrees too. We think that those names match their respective personalities. However, names can be changed later on if needed. At this point, we have 2 puppies available who will make a lovely family pet. As their physique is simply perfect - they would be quite strong contenders at any top dog show competition too.     


ZOOHI                                           GONE TO HER LOVELY NEW HOME IN GATINEAU @ 02-Nov-2022 


* Name meaning: happy flower   Origin: Asian, Oriental 

* Full name: ZOOHI VAN TIM

* Call name: Zoohi  

* Collar: Grey

* Gender: Female

* Weight: 11.7kg (26 pounds) @ 28-Oct-2022

* Color: Blue (very dark gray)

* Hairstyle: Puppy Clip in progress  

* Prospect: Top show quality (see Gallery page for more recent photos) 








Zoohi was supposed to stay in the kennel as prospective show dog and breeding. However, due to the current city by-law limiting 3 dogs per household ... we were not able to keep her.  Zoohi checks all boxes for the modern Standard Poodle attributes: both physically and behavior wise. She looks gorgeous, moves graciously ... and at the same time has such a wonderful, playful, and cuddly personality too. 

We are happy that Zoohi joined family which will love her as much as we did ... and that we will be able to rejoin for a play-date occasionally.         



 ADORE                                           GONE TO HIS LOVELY NEW HOME IN LONDON @ 30-Oct-2022 

ADORE VAN TIM simply adorableADORE VAN TIM simply adorable

* Name meaning: love & respect   Origin: Latin, Old French 

* Full name: ADORE VAN TIM

* Call name: Adi  

* Collar: Green

* Gender: Male

* Weight: 12.1kg (27 pounds) @ 28-Oct-2022

* Color: Blue (dark gray)

* Hairstyle: Puppy Clip in progress  

* Prospect: Top show quality (see Gallery page for more recent photos) 




Adore (Adi) is enjoying being in the company of humans. He loves to cuddling or just to to curl up quietly under the chair while you work ... yet not going over-the-board in drawing your attention. His temperament is calm and his actions are balanced. If, by any chance, you would like to put him into a Show Ring - there is no doubt that he will make you proud with his perfect looks and gracious movements. Actually, he has everything what it takes to win competitions all the way. 

Given his captivating attitude, all the vaccination shots, microchip, and perfect housetraining manners (no "accident" in over a month) ... Adore will be a perfect fit in any family with babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults, or senior citizens.      

 Note: Adore was the first one to leave the litter. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances his respective new owners were unable to get him... so he is available now. Deposit that was paid for him will be deducted from his price ...    



AGI                                                   GONE TO HER LOVELY FAMILY IN OTTAWA on 8-Oct-2022

* Name meaning: love, affection, esteem. Origin: Ancient Greek 

* Full name: AGAPE UNA VAN TIM

* Call name: Agi

* Collar: Blue

* Gender: Female

* Weight: 8.6kg (19 pounds) @ 12 weeks

* Color: Blue (dark gray)

* Hairstyle: Puppy Clip in progress  

* Prospect: Show quality 






 Agi is observant to everything what's happening in her surroundings. She eagerly plays with all puppies and toys. Yet, in the middle of that, she will come to say hi when if you are passing near by. In that case, a few seconds of attention will satisfy her need for the social interaction. If you lift her up and give her a hug ... she'll take as a welcome bonus.  

 She is not the alpha-dog ... but will not tolerate too much of the alpha-dog dominance either and will swiftly repel it when dominance becomes excessive.     

 Agi will make a perfect companion to her owner. Her show-quality prospect is high if you choose to go that route too. Later on, she will look absolutely gorgeous in the German trim (which is quite short hence easiest to maintain ... yet looking great).  



CINA                                             GONE TO HER LOVELY NEW HOME IN KINGSTON on 23-Sep-2022 ... to become a THERAPY DOG

* Name meaning: happy, lucky, destiny.  Origin: Latin, Old French 

* Full name: CINA VAN TIM

* Call name: Cina

* Collar: Pink

* Gender: Female

* Weight: 7.25kg (16 pounds) @ 12 weeks

* Color: Blue (dark gray)

* Hairstyle: Puppy Clip in progress  

* Prospect: Show quality possibility 



 Kiki is happy and active puppy. She is a social butterfly, plays around the clock, but when she needs to rest ... not even Super Bowl game can disrupt her sleep. Her smaller size does not bother her to have Otto as her favorite playmate (the largest puppy in the litter). Actually, Kiki is the alpha-dog of this litter which, since she does not have dominant size, forces her using a lot of wisdom to maintain her status. 

Kiki is an ideal puppy for those who would like to have daily walks, companionship, and keep their spirits up.     



 LILAH                                                  GONE TO HER LOVELY NEW HOME IN OTTAWA on 24-Sep-2022 ... as precious cuddly companion


* Name meaning: black beauty. Origin: African Swahili 

* Full name: LILAH VAN TIM

* Call name: Lilah

* Collar: Purple

* Gender: Female

* Weight: 7.5kg (16.5 pounds) @ 12 weeks

* Color: Blue (dark gray)

* Hairstyle: Puppy Clip in progress  

* Prospect: Show quality 



 Lilah is a real beauty. Her muzzle already shows shades of gray alike her father Tesla. She is always there to greet you and will be "over the Moon" if you pick her up for a hug. She is the first to pick up hints of various kinds.      

 Lilah will be a perfect fit both as companion or family pet. She will be very playful with preschoolers too.    



JIEMBA                                               GONE TO HIS LOVELY NEW HOME IN OTTAWA on 05-Oct-20222 ... along with Teddy! 

JIEMBA VAN TIMJIEMBA VAN TIM* Name meaning: laughing star   Origin: Australian Aboriginal 

* Full name: JIEMBA VAN TIM

* Call name: Jim  

* Collar: Orange

* Gender: Male

* Weight: 9.15kg (20 pounds) @ 12 weeks

* Color: Black-Blue (very dark gray)

* Hairstyle: Puppy Clip in progress  

* Prospect: Top show quality (see Gallery page for more recent photos) 


 Jiemba is a happy puppy who can play around the clock. He is the largest one in the litter yet perfectly proportional. Jiemba enjoys playing with other puppies without imposing its physical presence forcefully. He is fearless of strange objects, sounds, and touches. At the same time, Jiemba very much enjoys cuddling. 

Jiemba will be a perfect fit for family of any size. The more kids around him - the merrier it will be for him because he is quite a social butterfly. His show-quality prospect is matching top expectations if you choose to go that route too.




CHARLIE                                            GONE TO HIS LOVELY NEW HOME IN OTTAWA on 05-Oct-20222 ... along with Jiemba! 

TEDDY VAN TIMTEDDY VAN TIM* Name meaning: God's gift   Origin: Old French 

* Full name: CHARLIE VAN TIM

* Call name: Chack  

* Collar: Red

* Gender: Male

* Weight: 8.2kg (18 pounds) @ 12 weeks

* Color: Black-Blue (very dark gray)

* Hairstyle: Teddy Bear Clip in progress  

* Prospect: Show quality potential  


 Teddy is so happy and cuddly puppy that the name had to be reminiscent of the Teddy Bear. He has lovely personality: if you cuddle him - he will just snug to you and stay there for good. With other puppies - he is playing around the clock in a goofy-ish way.   

Teddy is a perfect fit for family who would love to have a cuddly pet. One shall not underestimate his wisdom ... since he will figure things out in a split of the second and go for it. Unless you are cuddling him of course. 









Puppy photos and videos are updated on daily basis.