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Back in 1989 ... 

... we were all in love with large breeds like: Mastiff, Leonberger, and Irish Wolfhound. However, with couple of young kids roaming around the house (one being only 12 months old), any hint of threatening dog presence had not been acceptable. Because of that, we conducted an extensive self-study in search of the perfect pooch that would be the best fit for our young and busy family. We knew nothing about Standard Poodles since back then it was quite a rare breed in southern parts of the Europe. After patiently analyzing over 300 breeds - we came up with our Top-10 list ... with, to our surprise, the Standard Poodle dominantly claiming top spot.

That is when we welcomed our first Standard Poodle Lar Lord Timajoski who joined us all the way from Slovenia, EU. The entire family fallen in love with Lord  ... and the rest is history. Our home has never been without a Standard Poodle since.       


Today ...

... we are a family kennel which spreads across 4 households in the National Capital Region: from Chelsea, QC to Barrhaven and Gloucester, ON. Each household takes care of one or two Standard Poodles. In this way, each our poodle gets plenty of care, attention, and love on daily basis. Our poodles meet frequently during family gatherings where they happily enjoy playing together.  


All our Standard Poodles are carefully chosen from top breeders in Canada and Europe. We sparred no effort to get puppies with best bloodlines. For each of our poodles we patiently waited about a year before finally getting a puppy from the targeted litter. On a couple of occasions we flew all the way to Europe to get a puppy from some of the best breeders in the world. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that all ancestors of our poodles have been genetically (DNA) tested and won many championships in their respective countries. All of this just to ensure that our Standard Poodles will make healthy and beautiful additions to our family under the motto: healthy dog is happy dog :)  Beyond the bells and whistles of dog happiness, there is a very practical reason for being extremely careful with your pooch genetics ... because nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on veterinarian bills for treating some hereditary diseases that could be easily avoided with prudent breeding.    














Our kennel does not breed dogs for business! Rather, we are committed to have a single litter with each of our females in aim to keep a couple of puppies for ourselves and teach our kids life lessons of raising the litter. We do our best to find loving homes for the rest of puppies.    

We currently have a litter of blue (dark gray) Standard Poodles born on the Canada Day 2022. You can find more details about this litter at Available Puppies page. We are not planning any litters for the rest of 2022 and entire 2023. Our next litter has tentatively been planned for the spring/summer of 2024 at the earliest.